How to choose the right battery by Robert Tronge

Robert Tronge

There are many different types of batteries out there according to Robert Tronge, so how do you chose which one to use in your car, boat, or RV?  First lets take a look at what different types of batteries are made.  You have starting batteries that are used to start a vehicle and also deep cycle batteries which are often used on trolling motors and are drained each use and then recharged.

Deep cycle vs. auto batteries

Deep cycle batteries used to power items such as trolling motors and fish finders on a boat, or radios and lights in a RV or camper are designed differently than they kind of battery that you would use to start a car or truck.  The car battery is asked to deliver short bursts of power to start and run the car with the alternator taking over to provide the electric to keep the car running.  A deep cycle battery is different because it is asked to go through many discharges and often completely discharged before bring it to be recharged.  This is where they term "deep cycling" comes from.  Proper care for your Marine battery will ensure that you have trouble free operations.

Maintance from Day to Day

Robert George Tronge says you should follow these 4 steps when you maintain your Marine or RV battery during the use for the season.

1. Recharge your deep cycle batteries when you can right after you use them.  If you allow them to sit for a long period of time without charging they can be damaged to the future capacity of the battery.

2. Before you recharge make sure to check the electrolyte level in the cell and make sure it is slightly below the ring splash barrel.  If you need to ad water, be sure you use distilled water.

3. Be sure to make sure the battery is free from dirt and moisture.

4. Clean the terminals and cable connectors of all the connectors regularly such as once a month.

Recharging by Robert Tronge:

So how long does it take to charge a deep cycle battery asks Robert G Tronge?  It really depends on which charger you are using and how long you want your battery to last.  If you charge it slowly, around 2 amps/ hour, then you will not overcook the plates inside the battery.  The deep cycle rate of the battery will depend on the length of time it takes to charge the battery.  I have one that takes about 24 hours to charge on the 2 amp setting.  This is only if I use 70% of the capability.  If they whole battery is fully drained, then it will take over 48 hours at 2 amps to charge.  You could charge it on a higher setting, but if you do the life expenctencacy will drop since the plates inside the battery are designed to slowly release the electrons.  If you force them to collect the electrons at a faster rate to save time, then the plates may not last as long.  One things to always check is to make sure the acid in th battery is full.  If you charge on low acid then you can destroy it and even cause it to catch fire and explode.



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